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The Mount Verde Village Master Plan, reminiscent of a traditional village, envisions a high-quality public realm with a network of streets, parks, and open spaces that engage and connect surrounding areas and create new places where neighbours, residents, and workers can live, work, and create.


The Village Square master plan has been developed to excite the local community thereby gaining their support, encouraging local artisans, small businesses, eateries to become a part of this exciting development.

The connecting trails may be alongside orchards or edible landscapes, with views of farmland, forests, wetland and natural wildlife habitat. Arranged around a planned landscaped Harvest Farm, The Village Square shall set a welcoming tone, with a size
and location that can accommodate farmers’ markets, festival events, and casual community gatherings of all kinds in planned phases.

These variety of activities and events fosters community engagement and connectivity among residents and visitors.


The Village Square shall be developed by reworking the existing footprint, repurposing the original farm barns and buildings, providing charming, authentic artisanal and commercial space. The architecture shall be a mix of old and new. Detailed pitched gables, modernist frameless glass fronts, exposed raw brick and steel. With master craftsmanship and expert design elements envisaged, there are multiple lease options to choose from in both our line store and office configurations. Ranging from 35 sqm to 1000sqm your proposed use is only limited to what ideas your imagination conjures up.

Carefully planned roads and placed gateways invite residents and visitors to enter The Village and will feature distinctive public art, wayfinding signage, and other monuments that promote entry and connectivity to community amenities. The Village Square shall include crossings to ensure safe pedestrian and bike access from Mount Verde Ridge, planned hamlets, and Weir Drive directly to the Village Square. Convenient public parking will be located near all the new retail businesses and Village Square.