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Growers Collective


Life is full of moments and each moment itself is a story. While every story is different, a successful one captivates its audience and inspires an emotional response. This takes dedication, a willingness to learn and of course community.

The concept, GROWERS.COLLECTIVE , named for cultivation, collaboration and creativity begins its journey on the farm, falling more deeply in love with the land and growing connections with each other. Careful cultivation of the two results in a just and sustainable world completing the perfect narrative and giving life to yet another story.

All good stories have common elements, and Growers Collective help in putting these elements together.


Who are we… and what do we do?

GROWERS.COLLECTIVE is a private company known as established in terms of the Record of Decision and is responsible for all farming on Mount Verde Estate not undertaken by the respective Owners.

GROWERS. provide a wide range of professional agricultural services to landowners in Mount Verde assisting farmers to keep within standards of good farming practices, as well as providing retail platforms within the COLLECTIVE space to take product to market thereby supporting sustainable farming.

The egg before the chicken
First, let’s head on to the Farm. When you think about it, most of everything we enjoy can be traced back to farmers. Some of life’s greatest simple pleasures begin in the earth and without the farm the story ends.


From everyday living to business, the secret to any success relies on making complex things simple.


GROWERS. take the complexity out of farming by providing a wide range of professional agricultural services to landowners in Mount Verde. We work with some of the best operators in agriculture to ensure your success and satisfaction.

Our team combines local knowledge with a wide range of technical expertise covering many aspects of livestock and crop production, policy and regulation, maintenance and upkeep of smallholdings and recreational properties.

It’s All in the Details
Details matter and our attention to the intricacies related to the operation of a farm—including leasing the land, planning the crop rotation, purchasing supplies, marketing the crops and livestock, and supervising land improvements and building repairs—is second to none.

Tailored for you

Professional comprehensive farm management

  • Focusing on profitable and sustainable farming systems that follow best practice commercial principles for business, soils and the environment helping you reach your property goals and objectives.
  • Maintenance and upkeep of small holdings and recreational propertiesLet us take the hassle out of property upkeep, and become your “boots-on-the-ground” and a cost effective alternative to employing a full time manager. This role will vary based on the size and complexity of the farming operation.

    How can we help you with your farm?

    The egg has hatched, now the chicken

    You have the farm, you have hatched the egg, now you need to take your produce to market. COLLECTIVE offers a branding and marketing strategy, sales channel and provides the innovative space to sell locally and grow your brand.


    A curated destination offering something for everyone, a place where you can experience, learn and grow.

    COLLECTIVE makes “local is lekker ” easier than ever before, centralizing a space and platform to grow franchises and local businesses. A vibrant community in the heart of Mount Verde where talented people come together to share, collaborate, and show off their heartfelt passions.


    Not just a farm store, but a community, a collaborative space for our Mount Verde Farmers, residents, and neighbours.

    Farmer: “I’m outstanding in my field”

    But you still need a brand to tell the full story. From your logo, packaging, color palette, photography and more — you need to reflect the vitality of your produce and the care with which you grow. Capture the attention of new and returning customers with a logo that sets you apart from the market crowd. COLLECTIVE has this covered with standard design packages to take your brand to the next level.

    So what’s in store?

    COLLECTIVE is a haven for local businesses across various categories from beauty and fashion to homeware and food, goods cultivated and created – a kaleidoscope of colours, products, smells and gifts.

    Do you have something to add to our COLLECTIVE store?


    What are we potting?



    Mount Verde Growers shall enjoy additional privileges in store and will carry the “Growers Collective” label celebrating their products made on Mount Verde estate.


    Collective’s eco-conscious offering and new brand, #WEAREVERDE, provides a fresh and sustainable alternative for those exploring a green lifestyle promoting produce under the #WEAREVERDE brand. The mission is to not only do less harm, but to do more good. To stand for equality & respect for both People & Planet. Committed to a better future.

    All products under this brand must have a positive effect environmentally. These green, nature conscious or environmentally focused products guarantee reduced, minimal, or no harm to the planet.

    If you have a #WEAREVERDE product



    We are growing comprehensive local food and organic food suppliers and producers on Mount Verde, and locally to ensure constant supply of seasonal goods as well as value-added products. Any product can be considered value-added if it is originally grown by the farmer and increased in value by labour and creativity.

    Typical value-added products include jams, jellies, preserves, fruit sauces and spreads, pickles, preserved vegetables, tapenades, hot chili sauces, herb-flavored olive oils and vinegars, and salsas, cordials, cold press juice, cut flowers, wreaths, braided garlic, painted gourds, dried herbs, sachets, soaps made from home-grown herbs, and herbs grown and sold for medicinal properties, kitchen, beauty and health bee wax products.

    If you are a SUPPLIER


    Order produce boxes supporting local farmers while enriching your at-home cooking. Collective shall partner with a number of farmers and chefs on seasonal ingredients for all COLLECTIVE HARVEST subscribers. This program is very much a food community, encouraging those who care about the food we eat, how it’s cooked, and the company we enjoy it with.



    People today want a more authentic – and more sociable – shopping experience and are very conscious of the impact their actions have. This market shall be a community hub—a place to meet up with your friends or bring your children to try new things.

    Shopping at the market shall be a unique and fulfilling experience and goods on offer are produced locally. We select our traders as much for their character and ethics as for the quality and uniqueness of their craft.

    If you are a TRADER


    This envisaged harmonised retail approach is under development, and shall provide customers with a seamless shopping experience, whether they’re shopping online from a desktop or mobile device, by telephone, or in store.

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    • Supports Small Business
    • Better for the Environment
    • To Know Where Your Food Comes From
    • To Learn Tips, Tricks and Meal Ideas
    • To Build Connections
    • To Preserve Diversity
    • Keep your community unique
    • Better customer and personalised service
    • Eat Seasonally
    • Safer Foods
    • Local Food is About the Future


    • To support our partners’ efforts towards economic independence and control over their environment.
    • To protect the environment and use natural resources to promote environmentally responsible and sustainable initiatives.
    • To supply customers with quality products, with friendly and efficient service with a focus on Fair Trade environmentally sustainable solutions.
    • To provide a supportive environment where all stakeholders learn and share knowledge.
    • To support producers who use traditional skills, combining them with innovative technology to help them grow their businesses.
    • To encourage the use of natural materials where possible, avoiding plastic and toxic substances.